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Bicycle Repair Shops

Are you looking for trusted and reliable bike mechanic expertise to get your bicycle serviced or repaired? You’ll love the relaxed and personalised services of TBike. As a boutique bicycle repair shop in Melbourne, we provide top-notch bike servicing at affordable prices and even help with the customisation of your bikes to suit your specific needs.

Being an avid cycling enthusiast and well-trained bicycle mechanic, Francesco brings his A-game to all bike repairs services in Melbourne. He goes beyond the expectation to offer personalised services to each and every one of our customers.

Bicycle repair shop

Reliable Bike Service in Melbourne

When it comes to bicycle services in Melbourne, it is suggested to have a proper check every three months. It is our best advice to keep your ride safe, the bike in top condition and avoid a sudden breakdown in the middle of nowhere!

As a seasoned bike repairs company in Melbourne, we offer a full range of bicycle servicing in Melbourne - from safety checks to full restoration, in our Fairfield TBike workshop. We undertake the following services and check on all brands and models of bikes.

The first level of bike servicing in our Melbourne shop involves safety checks; they include the following:

  • Inspection of wires and cables condition
  • Rim alignment
  • Brakes pad use
  • Tyre status
  • Recommended PSI level of tyre inflation
  • Gear check and alignment
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs

At TBike, we are full-bike service specialists in Melbourne, skilled, capable and equipped to make the smallest adjustment to the major rebuilds and transformations. We recondition the bike to give you a customised brand new bike with the TBike promise of quality and enjoyable riding experience.

Professional Bike Repairs in Melbourne

At the TBike workshop in Fairfield, you will get the best advice from our cycling experts. We will make sure that you have an amazing ride experience on the road with our ultimate bike repairs services in Melbourne. Whether you are riding to work, or on social rides, or training for your next triathlon, we assure you of the best quality repairs that won’t hamper your ride quality for a long time.

TBike’s professional and deep restorative bike repairs services in Melbourne include:

  • Tyre and/or tube installatio
  • Brake adjustment
  • Brake installation
  • Brake lever installation
  • Cable installation
  • Chain installation
  • Handle tape installation
  • Grip installation
  • Hub adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Gears adjustment
  • Derailleur adjustment or installation
  • Accessories installation

Phone us at (03) 9482 2672 or visit our shop for prices and bookings. Of course, you are always welcome to stop by for a fresh-brewed coffee while you wait for your bikes to get serviced.


A regular bike tune-up involves a finesse of tuning up a musical instrument, and at TBike, we have the expertise skills, with an expert ear and touch to provide the finest tune-up to make your bikes ride smoothly. It usually includes:

  • Safety checks
  • Brakes tuning
  • Gears tuning
  • Frame wipe-down and clean-up
  • Tightening of bolts and proper fastening checks
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