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Professional Bike Shop in Northcote

A thriving cycling community needs experts and skills to work on bike repairs, restoration and recondition of pre-loved bicycles, and guidance for buying the right bike. TBike offers all of these as the friendly neighbourhood bike shop in Northcote. Owned and operated by local bike enthusiasts, TBike is the new bike company to cater to the increasing social and commuter cyclists in the city.

Having many years of experience riding world-renowned brands and similar expertise in repairing them with finesse and skilled hands, the TBike founder Francesco is a force to reckon with regarding matters related to cycling and bicycles. TBike endeavours to be a community-driven bike shop in Northcote, where you can come by to get your bicycle customised at lower than big-brand prices and ride away with an upgrade that makes your journey more enjoyable and comfortable.

If you are just getting into the cycling groove to kickstart and healthy lifestyle or just enjoy some healthy exercise mixed with leisurely activities, we are the bike shop to visit in Northcote. From full-restoration of used cycles and to creating our very own TBikes, you’ll find what you are looking for in our bike shop in Northcote.

Bicycle repair shop

Trusted Bike Repair in Northcote

Looking for a repair or replacement of brakes, gears, seats, peddle, tyres and or need accessories like locks, helmets, lights for your bike? Then come by TBike, the bike repair shop in Northcote. The founder, a lover of Italian lean-mean racing cycles, is an established and well-trained bike mechanic. He is now putting his well-honed skills and expertise to revitalising bicycles and infusing new life into them with excellent quality bike repairs in Northcote.

As a commuter cyclist or a social rider, you must already know the importance of preventive maintenance for your bikes. It is important to tune up the cycle or have its safety aspects checked before going on long rides over the weekends or avoiding unforeseen repairs when you are least prepared. Whether it’s emergency or scheduled bike repairs in Northcote, you can trust TBike to provide quick, reliable and complete bike servicing and repairs to get you back on the peddle.

And as a fully-equipped bicycle restoration and repairs in Northcote, our servicing quality is outstanding. In addition, we offer an exhaustive list of services and bike repairs in Northcote at affordable prices.

Safety checks include:

  • Inspection of wires and cables condition
  • Rim alignment
  • Brakes pad use
  • Tyre status
  • Recommended PSI level of tyre inflation
  • Gear check and alignment
  • Lubricate chain and derailleurs

As part of the larger cycling community, we provide holistic bike repairs in Northcote and offer the following maintenance at affordable prices and with same-day servicing options:

  • Tyre and/or tube installation
  • Brake adjustment
  • Brake installation
  • Brake lever installation
  • Cable installation
  • Chain installation
  • Handle tape installation
  • Grip installation
  • Hub adjustment
  • Headset adjustment
  • Gears adjustment
  • Derailleur adjustment or installation
  • Accessories installation

Phone us at (03) 9482 2672 or call our shop for prices and bookings for bike repairs in Northcote. You are always welcome to stop by for a fresh-brewed coffee while you wait for your bikes to get serviced.

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